"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Again- 21 weeks and another small baby

I haven't updated my blog for the stupidest reason.  Basically I changed my password and forgot what it was and then technology drives me crazy so it was hard to be motivated to sort it out.

But, as often happens with IF blogs, something goes wrong and suddenly you realise how much you need to write.

20 weeks came pretty straight-forwardly.  No bleeding.  Gestational Diabetes reared it's ugly head and (given I'd been through it before) caused me more issues than I expected.  Mainly it was fear.  I found anything that happened that was similar to the boys pregnancy made me really scared.  I think I dealt well with the situation at the time, but I wonder if there was a little PTS related to it, since my fears appeared pretty groundless.  My doctor assured me, there was no reason to think that Pre-eclampsia would come back, no reason to think this baby wouldn't make it to full term.

As my 20 week scan approached I was scared.  Part of the problem was that I wasn't feeling much movement.  I suspected (and it's now confirmed) that I had an anterior placenta which means movement takes longer to be felt.  But the truth was I didn't really think something bad would come from the scan.

We went in, scared but also excited about finding out the gender.  Earl thinks nothing could be better than our boys and so he wanted a boy.  I wanted a girl, but it was more because I knew those around me would like that, I didn't really care that much.

Once we saw a good heart-beat I relaxed a bit.  But then the doctor started measuring. 

It wasn't like last time.  We new exactly what to look for, we were experts after so many scans.  We knew that when a tummy measures at 18 and a half weeks when you are 20 and a half weeks pregnant, that this is not a good thing.

We have another small baby.

Our Ob said it was uncanny.  Basically it is Sebastian all over again, same size at the same stage.  And that is not expected- Low birth weight babies do not generally happen twice to the same people.  It is slightly more common in IVF, but much more common in twins than singletons.  I'm not a smoker.  No one expected it, and despite our fears, neither did Earl and I. 

We can't really know anything until our next scan at 24 weeks.  Hopefully she will grow and also catch up a bit.  It is a hard wait, but we are hopeful.  It's hard not to be with a crazy cute, smart little boy, running around us who also started the same.  Our doctor wouldn't say, but we could tell he was more confident than he was with Sebastian.  And because she is not a twin, we can do whatever we need to do for her, without having to think about the well-being of another baby.

Earl and I and the boys are off to Hawaii this week.  While we would have loved to go away without the stress, I think a holiday and time away is the best thing for us to pass the time.  Then it's back and the barrage of scans begins.  Again.

Boys are awesome.  Connor is talking up a storm, still mainly just single words but he can say so many things and has a great memory (basically if you sing Twinkle Twinkle little star and leave out a word he will be able to fill it in).  Sebastian is a little quieter but he has started saying cute little sentences  (You ask him: Do you want a biscuit? and he says "I do"- cute!).  He also is getting so good with counting- you give him a pile of objects and he can count them up to ten (leaving out 5 and 7).  They adore their family and our church people and are mentioning them.  Sebastian can now say "Daddy" and it is the cutest thing.  Connor is getting really good with Please (Peas) and Thank you (Thanks) and after a sleep he always ask for a "Cud" (cuddle).  It's pretty special.  They always talk about the baby (who we've nick-named Tig).  They point to my tummy and even sometimes offer it food or drink.

Oh, and the baby is a girl.

Would appreciate prayers for our very little one.
love LG