"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Random one handed musings at 11weeks (and happy Thumper day)

I'm lying in bed listening to Connor grizzle, hoping its a pre-sleep grizzle not a "I'm crying until I get a cuddle" grizzle.

Life is lovely but full.

Some bullet points is all I'm up to at present. I will write more one day, and I have some lovely pics for you of the boys.

Connor has started smiling and it's beyond cute. But not at me, just in general at things around me.  He has smiled directly  at Earl, Earl's mum, and my Aunt. I shouldn't be upset but I am.

Sebbie on the other hand only ever smiles in his sleep except for yesterday when he grinned at me. So precious.

Last Thursday was Thumper day, the anniversary of Thumpers due date. He would be three.  We went out for lunch. It was special, and emotional to have two little boys to celebrate with us.

How do you survive twins? Help. I realised I could technically care for them with out extra help, but with others to garentees my day sleep, to help in the house and to change the boys, then it's a joy. So I am letting go of pride and embracing the help. My folks are overseas and I can't wait for them to get back. My Mum is amazing and I just tread water without her.

The boys change fast. They hated nappy changes, now that they are aware of the mobile above the mat, they love them! They pick different times to sleep, it's always a guess, will they give me he'll in the late evening or 6am to 9am? First Connor hates his bath, then Sebbie while Connor cries when I take him out.

They are cute as anything.

Earl and I are adjusting to parenthood and I hate to admit it but I'm jealous that the boys get most of his attention and affection.  We are working on it though, and I do love how much he loves them.

I worry that my joy is hurting my IF buddies.

I am overjoyed for the if successes I'm following.

I blog everyday n my head and never for real. I can do things with one hand, because I'm either sleeping, feeding, holding a baby, walking the babies expressing or eating. If I'm lucky I shower. I can't comment but I am thinking of you all.

Bf is good, though double feeding is tough. I avoid it when I can because they need so much help latching inevitably they take turns feeding and screaming for food.

Connor is my Connor-bubba, my angel-bear and my gorgie-porgie. Sebastian is my Sebbie-bubba, my Bassie-boy, my beautiful little man, and my pixie boy.

Connor is four kgs and Seb is 2.8. Connor is in 4 zeros, Seb in five.

They are such a gift. I love them like crazy.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

9 weeks- And this was what everyone was talking about

Every so often I will reread my last post and laugh a little.  And feel a little sad.  When I wrote that post Sebbie was waking up every three hours and I was looking forward to him "growing up" and joining Connor.  I was a little tired but I was coping beautifully and I kept thinking "people say twins are doubly hard, I don't know what they are talking about".

Now I do.  The boys are not newborns who only every want to sleep and eat and that is all>

Some night/day combos are brilliant.  Sometimes I'll get my 6 hours overnight and a rest during the day and I feel a million bucks.  I am actually getting to do some awesome things, because the boys seem to love their pram bassinets and noises, we actually go out to restaurants, parties, and other such places quite regularly.  I am having lots of time with our very helpful family and I'm loving it.  And the boys are adorable, I will save for another post just how precious and dear they are to me, and how much fun I have with them.

But some nights I don't get any sleep (I think I've managed 3 last night), the days are spent feeling like all I do is feed, where the messy house that I can't clean drives me crazy, and I just wish the boys will smile because it's so hard to feel like they care about me when the only way they can communicate with me is by screaming.

The hard thing is that they don't seem to like sleeping before midnight.  Sometimes one will, never will both.  Sometimes that time will branch out to 2am.  If Earl is around and available he will cuddle them in bed and I will sleep.  But he isn't always, and as I am not a late night person it gets pretty tricky.

Well, both boys are down so I must take sleep when I can.  Hope I can write about some of the awesome stuff next post!