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Thursday, October 3, 2013

New names and sleep regression

This blog has always been anonymous.  Not that I have any grand ideas that it's ever going to be read by more than just a handful of people,  but I've tried to keep real names out of things.  But when the boys were born I wanted to share their names because I love them,  and because I see those who do read as a significant part of my story and I feel you all deserve that.  But now that im writing more again I decided it's time for nick names again

At first I wanted tea names, with their real first letters, but the only ones that I could come up with was Spearmint and Camomile which seemed too girly!  So I decided to stick with fancy titles so my boys will be The Count and Little Sir.

Boys are not sleeping well. The Count is struggling with going down at night,  Little Sir with staying down. And they take turns with bad day sleeping.  Im exhausted and discouraged. The Count has had a few nights and one afternoon of melt downs where he is so upset he wont even eat because he is so upset. I have many theories: teething,  sore throat,  over stimulation but of course I can't ask him. It makes me sad because it is so unlike him. Once again it reminds me that so mych of parenting is flying by the seat of your pants.

Please pray for my friend S. She is in the middle of a FET for a second child. Her beta was 50. She doesn't know how to feel,  she is so scared to loose her embabie. Any prayers would be appreciated.


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  1. It is hard dealing with one baby that has sleep issues, I can't imagine doing it with two! If you ever figure out the mystery of baby sleep, please let me know. I am dying of exhaustion over here! I am sure you can understand...and then some!

    Saying a prayer for your friend! I have heard that FET/IVF betas are generally lower than naturally implanted ones so hopefully her's will double in the next 48-72 hours.