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Saturday, January 10, 2015

13 weeks and the news coming out

Every day I click on my blog to look at my reading list and see if friends have posted.  And I despair that so few people write anymore because I miss their blogs.  The irony is that I don't really post either. 

But things are good!

We have had three different scans and each one showed a baby just the right size and one beautiful heartbeat.  The last scan happened to fall 4 years exactly from when we found out that Thumpers heart had stopped beating.  It was nerve racking (as much as I try not to be superstitious I really was scared), it was emotional and as different as could be.  The little baby was kicking and punching and the doctor joked baby was preparing for a life with two older brothers.

I have been calling the baby Tig.  I suggested Tigger but Earl thought it was too cutesy.  I changed it to Tig and Earl still won't use it (this from the man who came up with Big Head!), but I like it.  It has been nice to be able to have a name to chat to the boys about.

Of course they don't get it at all, but if you ask them where Baby Tig is they will point to my tummy and if you ask them to kiss baby Tig they kiss my tummy which is so cute.

We have told family.  Generally everyone has been super surprised.  I don't know if it's because it took us so long the first time, or if it's just that people think that after twins you should wait a while but no one has really expected it.  For that reason I think the initial reactions have been a bit reserved, but overall people are getting excited.

We are making it public in the next couple of days.

We saw the Obstetrician yesterday and they are going to monitor me really carefully because of my pre-eclampsia with the last pregnancy.  She was lovely and reassuring but the truth is I'm pretty nervous.  Not that baby won't be alright, but just that my simple dreams of having a normal labour or even just a baby who stays with me after birth might not happen.  I'm so desperate to avoid the nursery this time.  But I realise once again these things are out of my hands.

My bloggy friend Lara has her twins in Special care and I am praying heaps for her because it is really hard.  Brings back so many memories.

The boys are little hurracaines!  Seriously they are so full of life, into everything and running around whenever we are out and about.  I love it, but it is exhausting.  Often people talk about twins being more independent than Non-twins but my boys are a bit clingy, happy to play but want to be in the room with me.  Connor is such a boy, he is obsessed with cars and trains and trucks.  But he loves music too and spends all day "playing" the piano.  My parents have a ukulele and Connor loves his "Tar" and walks around with it everywhere.  He loves running and hiding and he is so easy to make laugh.

Sebastian is my little people person, he loves people and cuddles and is obsessed with ducks and reading Spot books.  He also loves my parents chickens and loves collecting the eggs (he is so careful!).  He also loves counting everything (especially eggs in the carton) and even though he still doesn't talk as much as Connor he counts everything "Von, two, two, two, four".  He can say all his numbers up to 5 and has even said 1,2, 3 before.  He is a boy of routine, he loves doing the same things in the same way.  He reminds me so much of my Dad, and Earl's Dad says Connor is a little Earl.

They are starting to get a bit more trantrummy.  BUT they are sleeping heaps better.  Our challenges of the next few weeks are to stop having them come into our bed in the morning (it's squishy enough without my belly getting bigger, and to have them going to bed without us holding their hand before the baby comes.

Life with three under three with no doubt be crazy but I am so excited and beyond grateful.

Love LG

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