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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

31 weeks and two Two year olds

I can't believe it's been 10 weeks since my last post.

How do I sum up the last ten weeks in the time it takes for the boys to watch one more Thomas and Friends episode? ;)

Week 1-Trying to be calm not knowing what having another little baby might be.  Trying not to think worst case.

Week 2 and 3- Hawaii!  A wonderful two weeks where little girl started moving more- letting me know she was at least growing and alive over the trip.  Hawaii was so much fun, the boys were charming, it was great having so much time together, and Earl now constantly plays "somewhere over the rainbow" on the boys ukulele to try to bring himself back to such a wonderful time

Week 4- Scan Number 2.  At 24 weeks she has grown but only 2 weeks worth.  And her amniotic fluid is a little low.  Doctor is cautious, and organises weekly scans.

Week 5- Despite the fact that you are not suppose to do growth scans weekly (because it's too inexact over such a small time), the doctor does another growth scan at Earl's insistence and she is approximately 500gs and no sign of ill health.  Amniotic fluid is better.  Boys are talking more and more, and both now call me "Mummy" instead of "Mama" and I love it.

Week 6-No growth scan this week, but she is healthy and amniotic fluid is back to normal.  She is now 26 weeks.

Week 7-Growth scan and she is on track again (at about the 3rd percentile).  We now will make it to 28 weeks which is a relief.

Week 8-28 weeks  Another good dopler scan.  Suddenly start getting quite stressed about 3 under three.  Now that I know she will be okay, I think other stresses begin to mount.

Week 9-29 weeks- Growing great!  Doctor still doesn't think we'll get past 34 but is talking about Special care rather than NICU and is almost tempted to move to fortnightly scans.  But they don't and Earl and I are kind of relieved.

Boys are starting to play more and more independently of me, which is a relief as we prepare for number three.  But they are also getting more rough with each other and that stresses me out.  They aren't sleeping well and that is another big stress, I'm quite nervous about getting back into no sleep land.

Week 10-30 weeks- Great doplers.  Boys turn two.  They are very excited about their "train cake" and love their new Thomas trains and track.  They are perfectly healthy and developed and I indulgently look through photos of them as little babies.  So grateful to God for them.

Weeks 11-31 weeks.  Growth Scan today- right on track again (on her percentile).  The doctor actually says we could make it to 36 or 37 weeks.  This is remarkable because she is a chance to go home with me if she makes it that far.  I am doing my best not to get my hopes up, as this has been my dream from the start.  But the big thing is that she is healthy and staying one more week.

Boys have a good sleeping week.  Thanks God!

It's been a whirl-wind.  I've had such a mess of emotions.  But I am so grateful for another healthy/small baby.

Funny thing.  Everyone is really excited about me having a girl.  I feel funny about it, because if she was a boy I wouldn't care one bit.  But I am having fun imagining Earl with a little daughter, and I love all the cute clothes friends are giving me.  The boys talk about their sister and it's so precious.  We've just started reading books about babies and they love it.  I know it can never be anything but a shock but they do understand that the baby in my tummy is coming out and are excited about that.

So thankful for this little miracle number three
Love LG

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  1. Did you ever thing we would be here? Three miracle children? It's amazing. Glad she is doing well.