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Friday, November 29, 2013

Sixth Months

(This post was started a while ago- but better late than never)
My boys were six months on Saturday.

Life with my boys at the moment is such a weird combination of beautiful and fun, and exhausting and hard, that it's hard to know how to write about it.  I guess I'll start with beautiful and fun.

So, we have two rolling boys.  It is the cutest thing. Originally Little Sir would roll over and then immediate complain until we rolled him back.  Now he doesn't mind it so much.  The Count LOVES Tummy time so he can be left happily on his tummy for quite a while. 

So often I start making assumptions about their personalities, only to find out that they are actually just stages.  The Count went from very chatty to super quiet, while Little Sir began to talk and laugh all the time.  Now Little Sir is mostly quiet and the Count is cracking us up with the sounds he is making.  He is clearly experimenting, with everything from baby squeals, to quiet groans that make it sound like he has emphysema!  He has started regularly laughing which is pretty cute too.  He favourite things are peak-boo, someone sneezing, and having his clothes taken off.  He is going to be one of those toodlers who you look away from for a minute and they are completely naked :)

Little Sir might have quietened down, but he is still a super smiley boy.  I don't want to jinks it, but I think he's a Mummies boy.  He was sitting on Daddies chest in bed when I lay down beside.  He immediately lunged for me, almost toppling off.  And when I settle him to sleep, I usually hold his unwrapped hand so he wont take his dummy/paci out.  Now he just reaches for my hand automatically.  So cute.

The Count definitely loves his Daddy, he kicks and laughs when he walks in the room.  He is so active, kicking and shaking on his back, and on his tummy he lifts everything off the ground and wiggles like a little turtle.

Solids have been fun.  The Count is definitely ready, he gets so excited when he sees the room coming, and manages to put things away fairly well.  Little Sir is much more cautious, though he always eats a little of everything. hes just started liking rice cereal.

The Count loves: Rice cereal, pumpkin and peas, mango
He dislikes: avocado, sweet potato

The hard?


The boys have not been sleeping well. Little Sir gets up at least twice a night,
The Count at least once. They are so hard to settle in the day. I quick sleep training because it was too hard. Now I try to be diligent with their morning naps, but in the arvo when both boys are sleeping it is all bets off.

Ive been very close to being depressed, which is hard for someone whi loves her boys,  and who fought hard for them. I want to be fully enjoying this gift. Vut six months of sleep deprivation has its toll. one morning last week I looked down at a smiling Count and was not looking forward to the day wirh him. That was a red flag that I was not coping.

Since originally writing this post ive been on holidays and am feeling much better.  So nicw to be enjoying my boys again.

But I wanted to record the hard because it is part of this journey.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed holiday and that you're feeling better, LG!