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Monday, December 16, 2013

seven months

Bullet points today :)

-lovely stage. The Count is now so easy to make laugh.  He is such a sweet heart,  with the biggest smile and such big starring eyes.  He is so strong and now bounces up and down on your lap when you hold him to stand. He still flaps his arms and legs when you put him on his tummy,  and he kicks his legs when he is excited,  like when he sees a familiar face or when he realises its time for solids :) He is a big eater and we have started givING him snacks from our own plates which is fun.

Little Sir is still a charmer.  He had the sweetest smile and he will often talk to people or even more his head or wave his arms for their attention.  He has just started waving his hand, rotating it slowly and starring in fascination. He is easily spooked and so needs occasional comforting.

C is very strong but not very Coordinated. He grabs his dummy out then proceeds to bash himself in the face with it trying to get it back in

Sleep at night is tough, but they are so much better during the day. I am in a pretty good place,  so struggling less with the stress of being the primary settler. Though on days where it is just me putting then to bed at night after a whole day with them I feel pretty exhausted. Earl is great but his primary method of getting the boys to sleep is cuddling then in bed which u isn't always convenient.   C about every 4 days screams for 30 minutes before bed. We have no idea why,  but it's more upsetting for others who come to help than us because we know it passes and that it's just a tantrum from an otherwise happy boy.

I bought C a monkey and S a lion for Christmas.  Was hats to find a good set but I went with Jellycat from the Uk, such a beautiful collection of soft toys!

I know that the boys don't know what is going on, but I am loving preparING then for their first Christmas. Every morning we sing a Carol ( I made S cry with the high note from oh Holly night! ). I've bought then little out fits. That live starring at the shiny baubles on the tree. We had fun picking photos of the boys to give to relatives.

I am part of a mums group in my local area and I love it.  We are all so different but United by the same experiences of having babies the same age. I feel very blessed witmy group,  that we ate all keen and friendly and honest about our struggles.   We did a Christmas partywith the nbabies and husbands.

Earl as been overworked and a bit down. Im praying a less busu summer will bring him back to normal fun Earl. But trying to support him as best I can.

I am loving this time and stage.  But Christmas is tied up with thought of Thumper. So tgere are tinges of sadness within my joy.

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