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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Doing the math/s for this cycle

Drs appointment was alright, nothing new, nothing special, just confirmation of what we knew already. He was reserved about our chances this time, which I suspose is sensible, but it left me a bit flat.

But I've become obsessed with Mathematics. Because with the natural cycle there is only one day to do the transfer, and if it happens on the weekend then they will put it off to the next cycle as my public clinic doesn't do weekend transfers :(

My first full day of the last period was the 19th of Feb. This Saturday is 28 days later. Though based on the signs I think I ovulated around day 16, which would give me a period this Monday.

I count forward 14 days from when I get my period to when I probably ovulate. Then I add 5 days onto that to calculate the transfer day, that makes it a Friday, which means that one day later and it could be a Saturday, which means that we will have to wait until my next period to try again.

But then, if this period comes on day 29, that means I probably ovulated on day 15, which means that I might ovulate later again, which would push the date forward to a Sunday- which still isn't good.

(confused yet?)

And if I did actual ovulate day 16, and this is a pattern rather than just a once off, then I should ovulate the Thursday and do the transfer on a Monday which would be okay. But if it is a fluk then we are back to the Saturday/Sunday scenario again.

Added to all this my cousins wedding in our home town is on THAT Saturday so until we know the transfer date we can't book any flights as we might have bloodtest/ultra sounds on the morning of the weeding, or have to be back on the Monday for the transfer!

I would appreciate pray that we can transfer this month and that the God who is in charge of Maths, and my pesky cycles will bless us with not only a transfer but a baby.

Lady Grey

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