"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Summer of Death- Praying for an Autumn (Fall) of life

Earl and I have titled this the summer of death.

Yesterday Earl and I went to a joint funeral for his Nanny and Papa. Nanny died on Valentines day. Papa died early yesterday morning, though we had known for the 24 hours before that he was no far from death (he had cancer and after Nanny's death he decided to stop treatment). This means that from November to Feburary- Earl has gone from all his Granparents being alive, to only one left.

And including precious Thumper- we have experienced 4 deaths of those we care about in a 4 month period.

It has been the worst Summer of my life, excluding those precious happy weeks when Thumper was with us.

We are praying hard. Praying for an Autumn/Fall that brings life!

In other news, my husband has put me on a facebook ban because our friends have just gotten pregnant and in his words are doing "lots of funny things" on facebook about it. I felt a little sad last night (particularly because they know we are trying, they know about Thumper, but they still didn't tell us personally). But I'm actually okay. Which is definately progress, Yay!

I spent the morning tea after the funeral entertaining the most precious little girl (nearly 2). She would hide her toes and I would cry, "where's your toes" then she would bring them out and I would tickle them and she laughed and laughed. Because she is a relative, I wonder if our daughter if we have one will look like her. It was a strangely, comforting, hopeful thought.

It was a beautiful funeral, one of hope. It reminded me that even though I am in such pain, one day I will be with Jesus. In the sea of doubt and pain that this summer has been, that is a timely reminder.
Please Father. An Autumn of life.

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