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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Egg pick-up on Monday- updates from the worlds slackest IF blogger

I am so sorry that I am so slack at blogging.

It is really terrible, given that its actually been a massive IF week.  The reason I'm slack is a good one though . I've joined a lovely, lovely facebook support group for IF, and so I find myself updating there and I tend to get alot of my "need to share" or "need of support" out of the way there.  But this is my record, and those of you who regularly read I really appreciate your support and thoughts and prayers so I want to update on the week that was.

Monday was my first Scan.  To my surprise, everything was growing quite well and doc said "Friday, Saturday or Monday pick up".  I was a little bit shocked as last time I had the pick up on the Friday week after the initial scan.  We had bumped up the dose to 150 this time so I assumed that was the reason. I was little concerned that it might be a Saturday op because we had organised a big social event with Earl's work, but as I went into Wednesday's scan that was my only concern.

There were follicles.  Lots of follicles.  Too many follicles.

I am now at a high risk of a freeze all cycle to prevent hyper stimulation.

Cue tears.

It was a pretty bad sight. I cried on my way from the doctor to the nurse.  Sat, trying not to cry in the waiting room for 15 minutes.  Saw nurse.  Cried.  Saw Pharmacist.  Cried.  Saw nurse again.  Cried.  Cried all the way home.

In the big picture a freeze all cycle is not the end of the world.  But in my world, my world of my last ever cycle, it doesn't seem great.   I was hoping for no regrets, for a Thumper-like cycle, and this just doesn't seem to be happening.  3 days later, with a bit of time passed and no obvious bad signs of hyper stimulation, I'm not as worried.  In fact, there is a chance we will go with a transfer anyway.  But with the weight of the world hanging on this cycle, this was not what I needed.

Tonight at 9:20pm I trigger.

Monday 10:40 I start the op.

Wednesday will be exactly one year since Thumper's due date.

Cue tears.

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  1. Oh Monday will be a great day for you. You want your body perfect for transfer. If they have to freeze to avoid OHSS that is ok. You will still have beautiful eggs and embryos (not sure if they freeze 'em fertilized). Try to stay in the present and allow yourself the GREAT news of lots of follicles!!!!!