"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Friday, March 22, 2013

28weeks, time for a Happy dance!

28 weeks! I can hardly believe it. Only ten weeks to go max. It feels so close. And some of you might remember, 28 weeks was the Mark our doctor gave us for Dancers adjusted viability. So it seems extra special that he's made it this far. Of course, now our expectations have changed and we want them in for the ten weeks. But my anxiety levels have dropped and I'm really, truly believing that I will have two precious bubs to hold soon.

This week , despite the stress of Sunday, has rocked.

Some highlights:
-cots ordered and paid for
-pram chosen
-helpful antenatal classes
-work beginning to wrap up
-both Earl and I growing in our excitement
-my pre-scan happiness returning
-an awesome time away with my sister and Mum
-baby capsule (I'm renting) confirmed, to be delivered on my birthday!

Today is my baby shower and I am so excited!

On to the update

How far along: 28 weeks, one day

Weight: 81.5 on the hospital scans, which I will use as a gauge from now on. That means about 12kg gained, and 2kgs in three weeks which is right on track.

Bump: Earl said to me the other day, pregnancy just suits you, which is just lovely to hear when your wondering if your still attractive to your man! Dancer is lying traverse just above my belly button, giving me a pointy bump! Still get the whole "your not very big for twins"! I feel huge though!

Movement: I describe BHs kicks like someone playing a timpani inside my belly, where as as Dancer is more like a fox darting about. They both move every day and it's such a comfort.

Mobility: bending down is hard and I really need some slip on shoes now that the weather is colder. Going to try to shave my legs today which should be interesting! Earl politely suggested I do something about my "snail trail" but I said he'd have to pluck it himself coz I just can't see it!

Sleep: good, though hanging out for maternity leave (in a week!) so I can have a nap every day!

GD: a few hypos but overall great. My physician was so pleased she's moved to seeing me once every four weeks.  Sick of packing snacks but I guess it's good practice for a few years time.

Food: loving dairy right now!

Names: doc we saw yesterday said he is very confident that BH will be born first. Which is bad because that means we might have names for each boy. I've even slipped up and called them their names in my head. But have to keep it a secret a bit longer. Incidentally, I will put their names on this blog, at least temporarily. I want all of you who have ridden this ride to at least get some photos and their names!

Baby shower wrap coming soon!

Love LG


  1. Great update. Enjoy your baby shower, you deserve it!

  2. Enjoy ur accomplishments surrender to ur nerves and look forward to each day i hope u can enjoy these moments you worked so hard for