"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Baby Shower

It was wonderful.

When I got home Earl said "Did you have a terrible time?  Was it awful?  Did you have no one to talk to?"  He was joking of course, so confident was he that I would have a blast.

As I think I've previously stated, it was organised by my Mum, my sister, my two sister in laws and my bff.  In the end it was mainly my sister in laws and my sister, with my Mum catering up a storm.  It was that perfect mix of relaxing and active, everyone who came had a good time, no body was stuck eating baby food (except the babies).  It was the best baby shower I had ever been to and I was so touched that people worked so hard to make it happen.

The theme was Noah's Ark, and Mum had made not only fruit platter rainbows, but even rainbow punch!

There was plenty of diabetes friendly food, but also some pretty awesome treats for those who could eat them.  My Mum even made her own profiteroles from scratch, who would have thought she could do that!

My Sister in laws were in charge of entertainment.  My sister had the idea of decorating onesies (Gilmore Girls inspired!), but SILs made it happen.  Everyone did such a good job.  And there was a twin related quiz which was really fun.  It was really a case of gifts working together.  My sister was an awesome "general" to the team, and worked really hard on the day to welcome, to assist, and to enter on her lap top every present I got and who it was from. I am going to print out pictures of the boys to go with the thank yous.  Well, my sister is going to do it for me, I think I'll have my hands full :)

It was quite a big party, alot bigger than your average Baby shower.  I never had a Thirtieth, and as I thought about who I wanted to invite, it was pretty extensive.  I wanted extended family (although when my Aunt pulled me aside for the 10th time to tell me advice about something, and then proceeded to tell Earl's cousin her baby wasn't dressed warm enough- I had my misgivings ;P), I wanted old friends and I wanted new friends.  I was really happy to be with so many different friends.  One of my good friends couldn't come because she was flying interstate that day, but she made me this cake.  Isn't it fabulous.  The animals (and Noah) aren't icing, they are toys for the boys :)
I love how loved our boys are already.  Everyone was so excited, and we now have so many things.  There is still a bit of purchasing to do, but my hospital bag won't take much more to pack, there are cloths that cover the next year and a bit, and I have enough wraps and bibs for two!
When I walked out the door I said to Earl  "I'm pregnant, with twins, on my way to my baby shower."  It's just one of our now almost daily amazed conversations.  How can we be here?
Tomorrow is another scan.  I admit, despite a day of enthusiastic kicking, I still get nervous.  Keep cooking my darling little men!


  1. Awesome.parenting some days is so hard being a mom is never ending worry even once u get em here...enjoy the simplicity of these moments that just are..it carries on the days u have to make them be.

  2. Your shower looks amazing. Your mom and sister in law did a fantastic job!

    Look forward to hearing about your scan :)