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Friday, March 29, 2013

29 weeks, and getting prepared

This was one of those, I can't believe I'm here weeks. Next week will be the same. 30 weeks just sounds so serious! We are both relieved they would be okay arriving now, but also desperately encouraging them to stay put.

Our normal doc has been away and I can't wait to see him on Friday. It just feels like it's time to make plans and I have so many questions! Will be good to talk things through.

Yesterday was weird. As I've probably said before, I work part time and volunteer part time. Tuesday was my last "work day", and yesterday was my last volunteer day. I'm so excited, I've been waiting six years for this moment- but it does feel very strange. Particularly as I'm at least starting off SAHM, so there is no set plans of return. I'm sad about the relationships that are ending, though it is for the best reason ever!

Maternity leave has been this juicy carrot at the end of a busy and tiring two months. But I realise now I'm here, there is much to be done. The house is still not organised, the baby clothes need washing, and there is various bits of paper work to do. Not to mention baby shopping! So I'm setting the aim of one task a day. That way I can get the rest I'm suppose to have, but still have things ticking off my list.

On to the update!

Far along: 29 weeks, one day

Weight: find out next week at hospital

Bump: I love it! My BFF reckons I look 40 weeks now. It is still very pointy and cute. It's hard to imagine bubs will double in the next nine weeks, so I don't think it will look normal for long. It gets bumps on it depending where the boys are pushing out. (I had an friend  ask me what's the secret to looking so good in pregnancy. I thought it was a weird question.. I'm not blowing my own horn, I just think it's weird how you cant predict how you will look.  I'm not naturally skinny or anything. But i guess pregnancy just works with my body shape)

Position: BH is head down on the right, Dancer is transverse across the top/middle (he moves positions a bit).

Movement: harder to tell who is who with there overlap, but always get at least a few kicks that I know are from each of them. No days this week where kicking has stressed me out, so very thankful.  BH is still very strong!

Sleep: many anxious dreams, as well as a slightly comical mid night search for Earl's ipad which he though someone pinched (it was just in our room). If I wake properly at night I struggle to sleep again, so try to keep pretty low key with my pee breaks.  Finally moved on to body pillow. Earl is not a fan!

Pain: finding occasional pain below, think it might be just pressure on my pelvic flours? But not all the time. Right shoulder gets pretty stiff. Back hurts for half a minute after being in one position too long. Overall, can't really complain.

GD: surprise, surprise- hit 28 weeks and suddenly my blood sugar levels go up. Not surprised, and insulin increase seems to have helped. Overall good, but suddenly, Inexplicably craving sugar again. Don't know why, but trying to think of ways to deal with it.

Food: pretty good. Still dairy crazy. No constipation which is just awesome!

Oh, and it would be remiss of me not to admit that Earl is reporting lots of snoring!

Mood: anxiety back a bit this week. Partly think I'm worn out. Earl has said "your overtired, go to bed" so many times this week.  I get scared about lots of things, and wonder how I will handle two.  But I get excited too, so how I am just depends on the day. I also get scared about how my relationship with Earl will change, when I'm sharing my energy among the three men! Earl's answer is always the same, we will just figure it out when we get there.  Good advice I think.  He is such a champ, I'm so excited to parent with him.

Next week is 30 weeks. Can you believe it. Can't believe in 9 weeks we've gone from so hard to so good!

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  1. I'm so glad everything is going so well for you, LG - and that your shower was so much fun!! You deserve it all!! :-) HJ