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Monday, March 18, 2013

Much to say

Best laid plans...

I was away until Saturday night, so I already knew we were looking at a late update for 27 weeks. And even though I am normally wreaked on Sunday night, after two days away, and someone teaching my Sunday school class, I thought I would be up to it.

Best laid plans?

About 10minutes before we were set to head for church, I got sudden chest pain. It was accompanied by happy boy kicks, so I wasn't worried about the kids, but had no idea what it was or what to do.  And it didn't go away. I called a pregnancy hotline, and the lady said though it didn't sound like an emergency, I better go to hospital and check it out.

So, a rather worried Earl went to church, and Mum picked me up and I . Was off to maternity emergency yet again.

The pain was dull, and across my whole chest. There was no pattern, sometime sitting helped, sometimes lying was better, nothing was comfortable.

The nurse gave me antacid just in case it was heart burn, and a ECG scan just in case it was a heart attack. After my initial worries faded, I had no trouble breathing, so we ruled out the lungs. My Dad came and joined us, then Earl. I felt embarrassed by the circus, but very loved.

My blood pressure was normal, and my engagement ring still fit on my finger, so I very happily ruled out pre eclampsia.

And my mum got to hear the babies heart beats, so that was special.

In the end? The doc ruled it muscular skeletal, probably just high babies putting sudden pressure on my expanding ribs. She had no thoughts of how long it might last.  i got the vibe its just a cost of multiples.  I was relieved but worried about what this pain meant.

That night the pain was worse. And I cried to God and the babies, I was happy to be in pain for 10 weeks if it meant my boys were okay, but that didn't mean it didn't make me very upset.

About midnight the pain disappeared.

The next day I felt better than I had for weeks. I don't know why, perhaps it was just the contrast. I'm still nervous the pain will come back, but I am relishing every moment of pain free activity!

So, no update this week. Next week will be a huge one, with my weekend away, baby shower, and more antenatal class to report on. But I find a trip to the emergency room makes a long enough post.

And the triage nurse recognised me! Good grief!

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  1. Glad you are okay and it can be scary.

    I had chest pain too once. A dull ache when I woke up one morning. I did shoulder stretches to widen my ribcage and it helped a lot. I did bring it up at my next midwife visit and she said it is the ribs seperating to make room. Sometimes they can get inflamed. So I strated doing stretches in the mornings for a while. It helped to make room.