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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Timing and a reflection of POAS

I can't remember if I said in a previous post that my doctor is monitoring my cycle, working out when I ovulate, so he can do a endemetrium biopsy 3 days post.

The way he is doing that is two scans a week, with me POAS in between.

It means that I will have a fair idea when I ovulate. This is helpful for planning for my IVF cycle. The timing of everything is rather hilarious. Now that I am not working, I was excited to be in a position where I don't have to be too stressed about dates for ops. The only thing coming up was my husbands graduation which was interstate. And what do you know, if I ovulate at the time my doctor is guessing, I will be having scans then! At least I'm running late this month, otherwise I would have to miss it all together, whereas this way I think I can fly up and back and not miss out. So that is the good thing about POAS.

I think I've mentioned that I have never been a big POAS. When we started trying, I had a bad experience of POAS in my first month (after waiting until 40 days post my ex-pill bleed), only to get a negative and my period the next day. This made me extra cautious about POAS, and I have only done it 4 times since, in the five years we've been trying. I've never used home urine tests for testing ovulation, because they are so expensive and I'm not regular enough to know when to test. I just kept an eye on things, took a good guess and my temp, and did the business every two days just in case!

And I am a stickler for rules, so when the clinic says don't POAS, just wait for the Beta, that is what I do.

But now I've had three days of POAS. And I've decided. It's gross.

I really don't like dealing with my own urine.

The irony is that I've done IVF, I've put in pessaries, had internal ultra sounds, taken my temperature down there, and checked my mucus for several years.

You would think that I was beyond grossing out.
Seems not.

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  1. Ha ha ha!!!! Ok, this one makes me laugh!!! I agree - POAS is gross!! Doing it for testing ovulation never works for me either, so I only ever have to do it for the pregnancy tests at least.... Weird stuff, eh? ;-)