"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Lull before the Cycle

Tomorrow is the date in my diary for my endemetrium Biopsy. The POAS (which over time does get progressively less gross it turns out) suggested that I ovulated on Saturday/Sunday (I'm still getting my head around things, whether the surge happens after or before ovulation?)

So once the little procedure is done tomorrow, it's time to wait.

It's kind of nice.

On Friday a week ago I had a diabetes test. They are annual things, but every year I get a little worried that it's not going to give me the news I want. Not to mention that it seems like a crime to me that anyone has to drink that disgusting sugar water without the thought of a baby to get them through!

But so far no diabetes.

And I am re inspired for a healthy life.

And it got me thinking?

Is there anything I can be doing in this lull period to get me as healthy as possible for IVF. I mean I know that if I google foods for conception I will find multiple weird sights out there that have various theories about how beans, or corn, or egg, or pine nuts, or whatever will work. But has anyone heard any studies that suggest a certain type of eating or exercise or behaviour will help?

I like the idea of having a purpose for these weeks.


  1. I am partial to the Fertilty Diet, which advocates whole dairy.... Supposedly helps w ovulation. Real, not low fat, ice cream.... Mmmm. Really!! Don't know if it works or not... Also, I bought this fertility yoga dcs that is supposedly like acupucture. I'm not coordinated enough though. Is be happy to mail it to you, if you like! I just can't do it... Let me know if interested. Hmm , I bet australia and US dvds are dufferent....??

    Btw, surge is about 24 hours before ovulation.

    1. Ugh...typing from phone = typos. Fertility yoga dvd.... Also my acupuncture doc recommended shrimp and no cold foods.... Kinda opposite the dairy diet.... So i eat whole dairy and lots of shrimp... Crazy... Who knows, but hedging my bets, I guess....