"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Saturday, February 23, 2013

24 weeks!

I always thought it rather strange when people celebrated viability. Now it makes perfect sense. Now every day is a day that makes my buba's stronger for the outside world!

How far : 24 weeks, 2 days

Weight: last week I wrote weight, planned to fill it in, and never got around to weighing myself :) this week I am 77.3 kg which I am thrilled about. Somewhere I read that 10 kgs at 24 week is the best guide line for avoiding pre term labour and I've reached that just. It could be hog wash, but it was good to have a small goal to reach!

Belly: big and still cute. The weird thing is now I can feel weird ridges and bumps sometimes, where I assume a head or a butt is resting.

Movement: BH is a strong boy! The kicks are really overwhelming. Earl has now felt his first kick. The silly thing is that now I stress that dancers kicks are too light. Basically I am worrying all the time, depending on who is kicking more. I know this is not helpful, but I don't know how to stop, given kicking is the only indicator I have.  But one highlight was Dancer putting pressure on my belly, so it felt like a kick but was constant. I put my hand there and it felt like I was giving him a cuddle.

Cravings: Greek yoghurt is my chocolate. I go through at least three 500g tubs a week.

Emotions: a bit all over the place. I wish I could relax in this pregnancy but I don't know if that's possible.

What I miss: I don't normally do this, because what I have is so great, but I miss holding my nephew. He is just too big and heavy for a pregnant lady to hold (and over protective sister in law won't allow it anyway!). We "talk" and I will sometimes hold his hand when he cruises, and he still adores me, but I do miss our cuddles.

GD: much better with meal specific insulin. Funny thing, yesterday I got the highest reading I'd ever had and panicked. I was a little early so I waited ten minutes and then tried again. Even higher! I knew that didn't make sense, so I tried working out what was wrong. I suddenly realised I'd eaten an orange and not washed my hands. The juice had given me the high reading! I tested after cleaning my hands and it was still high, but much less alarming!  Good lesson for next time.

Well, scan is on Wednesday, and I am scared. I've worked out if the twins go to 38 weeks I will have 6 more scans to get through. That is a lot of stressful lead ups. Of course, I want each and ever scan to happen and my beautiful bubs to make it as far as they can.  But I wish I could go back to my pre-drama confidence. Not for my sake but for the bubs, I don't think a stressed out mama is the best incubator.  Praying we get good indicators that Dancer has grown even more.  And also praying he starts kicking hard like his big brother!


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