"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Great Scan!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news :)

It was funny, as we headed in, despite everything I was feeling good.  Then, as my name was called it was the horrible lady from two weeks ago.  And not only did she not remember us, but she hadn't even looked at our charts to find out why we were there.  I was actually a bit rude I suspect, telling her that unlike last time we wanted to talk to the doctor so we knew what was happening and didn't have to wait two days.

As the scan continued, we could tell pretty much straight away that there was some improvement.  Every measure we could see had Dancer at over 21 weeks.  The lady was still cagey "I can't tell you anything until we have the overall picture".  In the end she said that Dancer was 20 percent lighter than BH.  We didn't know if that was good or bad compared to last time.

She went off to talk to the doctor and said the doctor would come back and see us.  Then began the longest 8 minutes.  Earl really wanted to look at Dancers stats, and kept going over to press buttons on the machine to find it.  I was really against this (worrying about destroying the info or breaking the machine) so we had a fight.  I think we both just deal with stress in different ways.  Earl was very "They are my children, I need to know now".  I was just so aware that it wouldn't take long until we knew and I just wanted to wait.

Then the doctor came in.  And she was lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely.

She said that Dancer had gone from 12 days behind to 8 days-   which was very good!  She revised the other tech's reading to say dancer weighs 14 percent less than BH.  She said all the other signs (aminotic fluid, bladder, umbilical dopler) suggested that he was getting the nutrients he needs.  She said that it was heaps better than last scan, and that "there is every reason to assume you will come home with two babies'

Music to our ears.

And part of what was lovely about the Doctor was she kept telling us how cute our babies were and you could see that she really loved babies and loved her job and cared about us.  All things the other tech lacked.

So very, very good.

I am floating on air.  I know this isn't the end of the drama, we are having twins and one is a bit little.  We will continue with fortnightly scans.  But everything we have prayed for has happened and we are just so very, very grateful.

Thanks for your support :)


  1. Fantastic news. Simply fantastic!!!!!

  2. Wonderful news. So happy for you!

  3. Music to my ears! I knew that your little dancer was a true fighter. You must be floating on clouds today :)

  4. Such great news, LG!! I'm happy to hear it!!