"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Friday, February 15, 2013

Doctors appointment and 23 weeks

We met with the doctor yesterday. It was a good meeting. Despite the fact that the ultra sound expert was happy, I was still nervous because I had been so burnt two weeks before.

I like our doctor, and I'm liking him more and more. He was in theatre in the morning so didn't get to see our chart and so asked "ultra sound?" We grinned and said, it was good, Dr S was very happy. he laughed, and knowing Earl was a Pastor said, "wow, I think I need to join your church!" Even he though it was a crazy answer to prayer!

He even told us he'd been thinking of us that week. Maybe in a small private firm that would be expected but in a big public maternity hospital, that is special.

He said what I suspected him to. Dancers growth was a super sign. Ideally he would catch up, but being 12 days behind that was nearly impossible.  He still talked through worst case scenarios of having to make a call to deliver early, but that was a possible complication rather than a likely outcome.

We are still having fortnightly scans, but I am glad, because it means we will know if Dancer is struggling.

I feel very confident of taking two babies home! Praise God!

Now 23 weeks :)

How far along: 23 weeks and one day. Just one week to viability, though with Dancers size it is probably longer for him.


Belly:I love it. It is at a really cute stage. I am embarrassed how often I stand in front of the mirror. But it is a concrete sign that this is really happening and that is overwhelmingly wonderful. I am pregnant. Crazy town

Sleep:Just getting hard, but maybe due to the hot weather rather than pregnancy.

GD: Drama, drama! High readings and hypos cluttered together. The hospital Endo has changed my insulin to a pre meal dose which should suit better.  So it's back to shooting up in toilet cubicals for me! I'm also going to have to see the Endo regularly. Man high risk pregnancy keeps you busy!

Energy:dropped dramatically this week. Now can only really work a half day and evenings out are trickier. House work is the biggest problem. Suspect Earl and I will have to come to an arrangement. Ie he does more!

Movement: still there, now even BH is a regular participant. Dancer seems to enjoy wacking  me in the ribs, which is quite painful!

How I'm feeling: both deliriously happy and nervous. So hard to imagine how I will take care of two
boys! I am happy to but scared if I can manage.

Well that is 23 weeks. What a roller coaster!
Thanks for all your kind words.


  1. Great news! Its been a scary roller coaster, hope you can get to relax a bit mentally and enjoy your pregnancy.

  2. I am hoping that these scans we are getting just aren't that accurate! I may need some advice when it comes to shooting insulin. I am starting that tonight. Happy 24 weeks!!