"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Thursday, February 28, 2013

25 weeks and one more good scan

There is a certain satisfaction I get from my pregnancy ticker.  Each time I flick over a week I end up looking at the ticker and smiling. 25!

The night before the scan, I had a nightmare that we lost Dancer. It was ridiculous otherwise (Earl's chemist uncle did the scan and our whole church was in the waiting room, but the feeling when I woke up made me sick. My anxiety levels get pretty high, after a scan they are better but then the scans approach again. Generally these last two weeks I've been an emotional mess. I'm seeing a mental health nurse on Monday to help.

But the scan was indeed good. We now measure in percentile s and Dancer is 20th percentile and tracking well (growing exactly as you'd expect a baby to grow in two weeks). BH is 60th.  They are now in what the tech describes as a ying and yang position, dancer head down and BH head up.

Up to: 25 weeks today!

Weight: not sure, but I've been putting on a little over a kilo between my two weekly visit and that is perfect!

Movement: Dancer is getting harder with his kicks. Feeling less anxious about kicks which is good though it is post scan so ask me in a week.

Gender: getting more and more excited about boys. Earl's cousin is in labour with a boy as we speak, and I'm hoping she doesn't steal our names! Though our third favourite name we came up with today is pretty cute so I am caring less than I did yesterday.

GD: for the first time this pregnancy, actually feeling good. No hypos this week and any high readings are small. Doc warned me today though that placentas take off size wise at 28 weeks so need to prepare for that!

Emotions: As I said, anxiety through the roof. Partly it's my inability to prepare for change, even awesome change. Earl is busy with work and stressed, which doesn't help.

Shopping: putting off until after the baby shower! Speaking of which, I keep forgetting to invite people. Ops!

Bump: belly button is getting strained!

All I can think of for now. So relieved our babies are doing so well. Even starting to process the idea they might be several months away. Happy for them to keep cooking.

Feeling sad because politics is rearing it's ugly head, in the IF world, and in my work place. I try to avoid all I can, but it's hard. I like supporting and helping everyone, and want people to assume the best of each other. Doesn't always happen sadly.

But my boys are growing and kicking. And given the last six years, I would take that with politics any old day!

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  1. Great news!! I have been checking your blog since Wed to see if you had posted. I know how it is to get worried from one scan to the next. But try your best to enjoy the days after a good scan.