"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Cool Headed look at our Situation

Yesterday was a strange day. I knew it was a year since we lost Thumper, but we had decided not to focus on it. And isomehow I could.

I think it's coz I've been dealing with Thumpers death for so long that one day was just a day in the journey. Earl wants to celebrate his life and not his dath and I really like that.

As for our Docs negative assessment, after the initial shock, it in some way seems like a relief. We aren't definitely unable to have our own kids, but we will do tests and actually have some answers. We can in some senses start to think about moving on to other adoption options. And there is a lot of beautiful things about that.

So next steps. We will do an IVF cycle where we will during the cycle test the embryos to see if there are any genetic problems with them that is halting implantation. If it tuns out there is something inherently wrong with our eggs/sperm we will explore embryo adoption. If embryos are fine we will try some slightly experimental medication for my Uterus, which worked for our friend.

If none of that works then we will go down the adoption road.

I'm so matter a fact! My Thrapist always says you can get to a point where having your own Genetic child becomes less important and adoption is suddenly exciting. The strange thing is I was already at that point, I just didn't know it until Yesterday.

I can't garrentee all will happen as I imagine. Any adoption in Australia, even embryo-adoption, is a tough ask. But It is worth a try.


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  1. Good luck, LG. I am so glad to see you're feeling better today. I am thinking of you regularly.