"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Friday, March 23, 2012

Eleven Eggs, and count down to fertilisation report

We have Eleven Eggs!!!

The op was as good as could be expected, I was alot less nervous than I normally am, and when I woke up I could just read my chart at the end of the bed which said 11 eggs. My first retrieval ever I had 3, and I kept asking Earl over and over again, is it really only three, is it really only three. Now I was asking the nurses over and over again "Is it really 11".

I'm aware that because I was more "out" than I was previously, that it could just be that they got more tiny eggs (because before there were sometimes tiny ones that they didn't worry about because it might be too painful to retrieve). But I am still pretty excited. Still feeling quite woosy and tired today, hoping that clear away soon. Earl bought me "The Hunger Games" book to read and I've managed to gobble the whole thing up through my recovery period :)

It has been such a crazy time, such a full on thing, and yet there are things to do, events to go to. I just realised I will be hanging with my friend when they call up with egg results. I would have never done that in the past, I would have nervously sat by the phone with Earl, but I guess we are in a situation where results are likely to be pretty good, or at least, not bad.

Earl has been amazing. Absolutely amazing. IVF brings out this beautiful side of him, this caring doctory, lovey-dovey side. Reminded again I am lucky to have him, whatever the outcome.

Feeling good. Feeling like there is a chance that one of those eleven eggies might make a baby.
Please God!
love LG


  1. that is an awesome retrieval :) relax until the transfer- praying one of those eggies leads to a baby in your arms in 9 months!!

  2. Loving all this positive news!!!! :-) (I also loved all three of the Hunger Games books - can't wait to see the movie next week!!!)