"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Monday, November 26, 2012

2 days until scan

It's crazy, isn't it?

I just got a call from the doc's secretary, asking if I could come in fifteen minutes earlier on Thursday. I was excited, it just seems so very close. It is also weird to be excited about an ultra sound.

I feel very pregnant. My biggest concern is for tiny dancer and how he is going. I've been googling this morning dissapearing twin syndrome. But it seems like it's not very common to loose a twin when you've seen both heart beats are 8 weeks. There are no garentees, and every time I feel confident I remember how we felt before thumpers scan and I feel scared. But the road to a healthy pregnancy involves hurdles and this is a huge one. But Thursday could be one of the highlights of our lives and it's hard to not be excited about it.

I've mentioned on this blog that I lived in the states for two years as a child. Since then my parents have mostly celebrated some sort of thanksgiving meal. Ours is on Saturday.  All going well Earl will tell Mum and Dad on Thursday, and I will tell my sister on Friday. Then Saturday Mum and I will cook and we will get to talk and talk about the babies.and that thought makes my heart sing!

Yesterday I got back from my big work trip! It was amazing, and exhausting.  It's funny, so many fears were unfounded. I was worried the students would get suspicious at my attempts at day time naps, my early nights, and my eating continually in the morning. But as Uni students they aren't used to pregnancy so nobody seemed to notice and care. Now I'm so excited to tell them all, they are Very dear to me after a week staying and working together.

I was busy, and there were times where I thought, (am I really 11 weeks pregnant? It just doesn't seem possible.

But it is.

Continuing to pray for all my friends still struggling on this road.

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  1. Good luck tomorrow. Can't wait to hear how things went!