"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Friday, November 30, 2012


Well, its been a lovely couple of days.

Due to the obstetrician wanting to make definately sure they weren't identical twins, we got another Ultra Sound.  This one was a full half hour.  We could see noses, toes, and movement of both babies and the techs were super happy.  It is a bit of a relief, even though it was all looking good, it makes me even happier now knowing its all looking great.

Telling people has been a blast too.  My BFF cried like anything, and then spent the next 20 minutes telling me how "I thought you were pregnant when x happened, but then I thought you weren't at Y".  Poor thing, she was so stressed not knowing, but knowing she couldn't ask!  She is super happy, and is already pushing for at least one boy so her daughter can marry him!

It's been just so very amazing.  I'm a bit overwhelmed.

We are telling the rest of the close friends over the weekend.  But the big question on my mind is facbeook.  What to do?  I think I do want to say something on there, it will start filtering in as people learn anyway, and I have always prefered one emotional hit rather than a suprise reference at 20 weeks.

But I don't know.

We will tell those we know are having difficulties in a private message.  But even this week I learnt that you can't always know who are the ones struggling.  We told our dear friends (whose second daughter is our God-daughter) and the husband said "We're a little jealous".  I suddenly realised that maybe they hadn't planned to stop at 2 kids (number two is currently 3).  It didn't mean they weren't super happy for us (they were thrilled), but it made me see that sometimes the most unlikely people can find news a struggle.

And how do I say it?  I want to say it in a way that hints at the struggle we had to get here.  But I want to say it in a way that will be least hurtful to friends, and also promotes helpful comments from those who comment.

I just don't know? :(

Any suggestions?


  1. This is so exciting! We didn't "come out" on Facebook until 20 weeks. To prevent someone outing us I disabled comments directly to my wall for a bit. I think a comment like "after a long journey" is enough to reference all you have been through. While it is important to be considerate in how you announce on Facebook it's also okay to let it be all about you two - it's finally your turn!!!

    The kindest thing you can do on Facebook is to not set up the app that generates automatic weekly pregnancy updates into everyone's newsfeed- I hate them. Congrats again! So happy for you!

  2. Sorry I don't have any suggestions on how to announce on facebook. I did want to say how happy I am that both babies are doing great and you are now able to share with all your family and friends!

  3. Yes Lara, had to hide a few people with that app!

  4. Sass at infertility Unexplained did a nice thing by announcing with a reference of something like "it took us a lot longer than we expected and was a hard journey, but we made it!"

  5. AH so difficult. My kid sister is choosing to not put her news on FB, although I am not really sure why.

    I really think that what ReadyForMyTurn's suggestion was really good