"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A stressful day with a happy outcome

There are many things I could be writing about.  A 19 week update.  My Liebster award (thanks Lara!).  But the most eventful day of the week was 18 weeks and 6 days.  Not a pleasant day, though with a happy outcome.

It started the same as most days at the moment.  I work in a very flexible job with Uni students, and January is a very light time.  So most mornings I just rest and relax and troll the internet.  But it was time to get up and be productive, and so that was what I started to do.

But I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was blood.

It's strange, my first reaction to that kind of thing is always this crazy, unnatural calm.  I wiped again to make sure it was not from the back (it wasn't).  I walked into Earl and said "Get up, I've had a bleed and I think we need to go to hospital".  It was only when I got on the phone to someone at the hospital to let them know we were coming that I lost it.

It was such a scary ride to the hospital, Earl and I were praying, praying, praying that everything was alright.

After we arrived we saw a nurse right away, and she was very comforting.  She said a small bleed (that had stopped at that point), and no other symptoms, was not likely to be a problem.  But it could be a sign of a problem to come, and they wanted to check me out.

That "right away meeting" was the last "right away" of the day.  It took probably an hour and a half before the doctor came to see me.  Thankfully, at that point both Dancer and BH had done a little movement, so I was fearing less that they had died, and just that something else might be wrong.

One of the things I am passionate about is training of medical people.  As long as Earl doesn't mind I always say yes to Medical students being in appointments, because I know they will be the doctors of tomorrow and I want them as well trained as possible.  When the doctor came, she had a medical student with her.  She was okay (if not a bit wooden) when taking my very colourful gynacological history.  But she was the one to do my internal examination, and it hurt so much I had to ask the doctor to do it instead.  I've still been a bit uncomfortable down there since.  I really hope she gets better before she gets out there as a doctor.  But I also hope I didn't worry her too much.

But all was good with the internal examination, the cervics was closed.  It was funny, not the way I wanted to find out, but all the questions that had worried me (is my cervix closed and long, are the plecentas in a good place, why doesn't BH kick, are my babies still alive) were all answered that day.

Then it was another two hours until my scan.  I was starving (not a good thing when diabetic, pregnant, and on insulin) and so Earl had to make a trip to the cafe.  The hospital provided "lunch" but while diabetic friendly it was not pregnancy friendly and I only ate about half of it.

Then we had the scan.

All was good.  The tech was awesome.  She had found and told us about two heart beats about 5 seconds after the scan started.  Babies are good. BH was right on track (one day ahead infact) for size, and had an excllent looking heart.  Dancer moved liked crazy, but also was looking okay, a bit smaller than BH but still in the normal range.  It was a little nerve racking that he was smaller, but the tech assured as that our scan was all good news.  I also found out BHs placenta is at the front, which probably explains why we can't feel him move very often.  The amniotic fluid was the same for both and the placenta's far enough up to rule out placenta prevara (yay!).  The funny thing was, it wasn't a "fun" scan. I think the stress of the day meant I was relieved and exhausted more than excited.  Just glad they were alright.  I suspect the next scan will be the fun one (made fun partly because this one suggestions it will not be a scan of bad news)

We could have asked about gender but we didn't.  It was weird.  As much as I wanted ot know, it wasn't the time.  That day was about making sure they were healthy, and it just felt wrong to focus on anything else.  One and a half weeks until we know!

So all in all a miserable day of waiting with a very good outcome.  But it's convinced me of something that my Father in Law has been emphasising to us. I need to take it easy and not have pressure put on me (by myself, Earl, or others) to act like my pre-pregnancy self.  Thankfully we are heading away on holidays tonight for five nights.  Beach, and walks and reading sounds pretty awesome to me!

So, you will have to wait for 19 week updates and my Liebster award post.  I've had enough drama for one weeks post :)


  1. Oops, should have read this first becuase I just nominated you for Liebster, TOO!! Looks like you have alot of questions to answer ;-)

    So so glad for a good scan!!!

  2. Oh goodness. I'm so sorry you had such a scary day but am glad you got nothing but good news. I too had bleeding at 19 weeks and it was terrifying. Enjoy your holiday. I can't wait for the next update!