"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why a good scan felt like a scary scan

Well, it's been just over 24 hours since our scan, and I feel like I'm starting to process things.

I realise looking back over my last post that what I said wasn't really how I felt.  What I wrote was true, it was a good scan, there was a slight issue that needs to be monitored but it was a good scan. But it didn't feel like a good scan  It felt like a scary scan.  And I think it's taken 24 hours for me to get over that fear and accept the fact that the twins are going well.

Earl and I did some research.  Basically, most babies have 3 of these vein/arteries going into their placenta, but some amount (either 1 percent or 10 percent, it was a bit unclear), have 2.  For most babies this doesn't make a difference.  But some babies either don't grow their vital organs properly, or they slow down their growth so much they must be delivered early. The first one is not our problem, Dancer has very clear and working organs.  But he is a week smaller than Big Head.  Again, still within normal range, but they have to watch because if the reason he is small is because of his umbilical cord, then that is something to watch.  And it could mean, absolutely worst case scenario, that they both will need to be delivered very early.

But again, worst case scenario.  And our doctor (who does have interpersonal skills and is good at explaining things) will give us more info tomorrow.

But as I said, this is not a common thing, so it is probably nothing to worry about, and now that I've had some time I am starting to feel better.

As for the boy thing, that also took me a while to think about.  Earl said, "Maybe your so wound up because finding out we've having boys has made this feel real".  I got offended and said hautily "It always felt real!!!".  But while I have always felt incredibly attached to my babies, it has been hard to picture them outside the womb.  And when I have there've always been girls!! So I feel like I am getting to know my babies again, and that is an emotional process.  But as the days progressed and the words "sons" and "boys" have been repeated over and over, I begin to realise just how excited I am. 

So, barring a terrible pronouncement from our doctor tomorrow, I am starting to feel really excited.  We had a great scan.  And have two boys on the way!


  1. Sorry I got behind on blogs for a few days. First of all congrats on having two little boys. I have to say I am glad that "big head" was a boy. If the baby turned out to be a girl, she might be a little upset with that nickname, lol...

    I hope that your pregnancy keeps progressing and both boys are growing healthy and strong.

  2. Exactly! I was trying to convince Earl to change the name after we knew the gender but now he's a boy it doesn't seem so bad!

  3. Exactly! I was trying to convince Earl to change the name after we knew the gender but now he's a boy it doesn't seem so bad!