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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Adding two to a small house

Eighteen weeks today. Crazy. I'm kind of glad that after next week we have a holiday, because this scan waiting is driving me crazy. I noticed that one blog I follow has their scan at the same time, and they are a week behind me! But with lots on in the lead up I hope it will be distracting, both from my insane curiosity about gender, but also from worries.

Belly is getting more prominent, to the point where Earl is finally satisfied! It's pretty silly, I keep trying to work out how big it is "naturally", by trying to look down before I have time to unconsciously stick it out. Trying to trick yourself is a bit ridiculous.  Yesterday I almost had a hypo from the insulin, which was pretty scary. Just shaky and tired and a low reading. But the diabetes nurses are so relaxed. Big take home message-don't go too long without eating!

Yesterday mum came over for what I suspect will be the first of many "cleaning and organising sessions". She is amazing! Not only is our kitchen cleaner than its been since we moved in, it's organised in a manner that may keep it that way. Pretty exciting :)

Mum really wants to put the effort in so that we can enjoy the twins. She's been waiting so long to see us as parents, she is detirmined to make it fun! I am so grateful to her :)

But there is one thing that makes me a little sad. No nursery.

We live in a two bedroom unit. It is lovely, and while it is quite big, it's currently filled with the junk of two people without kids. A lot of it is infertility related, gadgets and gismos that we got to make us feel better. But once we cull it will be great.

But still no nursery. At almost every other point in this journey we could have had a nursery. I even remember crying over Thumpers "room" as it already had some kiddy stencils up from the previous tenants. But this year, Earl works from home and Earl needs his study. Once twins are 6 months and we move them out of our bedroom, then we will have to rethink things, but as I read the excitement of other post if people as they design their perfect room, I feel a little ripped off.

Today I'm off for lunch with the two grandmas to talk about what we need for bubs and how they can help. They may not be getting a nursery but babies are getting some pretty generous and wonderful grandmas!
Love LG

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