"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Monday, April 8, 2013

30 weeks... and a half!

What a difference a good nights sleep makes!  Despite the usual pee breaks, and a rather disturbing dream, I managed to sleep most of last night and it was lovely.  Feeling so refreshed and ready for a day of cleaning and hospital bag packing.  I'm still not entirely sure what to pack, and Earl has my suitcase, so it's actually going to be packing my laundry basket, but it's a start!  The doctor from my last ranty post said it was worth having a bag packed just in case, and I think I'm okay with that.

Anyway, today is actually 30 weeks and 4 days, which is more than half way through, but I do want to keep documenting so here goes!

How long? 30 weeks and 4 days.  If I deliver bang on 38 weeks, that's only 52 days to go!

Weight: 83.3 on the hospital scales.  That suggests I've put on 1.8 kg in two weeks.  The dietician said anything from 0.60 to 0.9 a week was good for 2nd trimester.  I assume it's still good for 3rd?  Anyway, putting on a little bit more makes me hope that Dancer is doing his thing.  We are really hoping he will make 1kg by tomorrows scan.

Bump: I had my first "Wow, it's huge" comment this week.  It's been fun watching the shape change depending on what the twins are doing.  Dancer has a habit of sticking his back into my tummy so that it's lop sided, while BH sticks his little bottom out the size.  So cute.  I am sadly getting to the point where my maternity Jeans belly bit doesn't want to stay up but keeps slipping down. I wonder if I'll have to buy some new stuff to get through the last month or so?

Movement: BH moves away, and has now been felt by Earl, Sister, Mum, Dad, and a friend.  I feel bad, because another friend has been really hoping to feel movement, but he always seems to sleep when she is around!  Earl has felt Dancer once, and I've seen him move from the outside a couple of times.  Dancer is not as active, which still freaks me out at least once every two days, though there is always something.  Is it position?  Is it size?  I don't really know, but every time he gives a kick or moves around I throw a little party in my head.  BH is still head down, and now I feel movement down there which just feels weird!

Sleep: Last night was heaven, which makes me think maybe my cold (which is starting to go away, yay!) might be the main cause of my insomnia.  We will have to see.  I left my big maternity pillow at my parents, but maybe that's a good thing, because my little throw pillow under my belly seems to be doing fine, and it's less awkward for my frequent turning.  It's the end of Daylight saving here, so I've been going to bed earlier and getting up earlier too.  Naps are so very necessary!

Mood: Still a bit edgy.  Sometimes I feel fine but alot of the time I worry.  I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow's scan, because I know Dancer was healthy last Thursday, and so all we really need to know is if he is growing.  I'm telling him to, not sure if it helps :)

Mobility:  Am the biggest clumsy kluz the world has ever seen.  Seriously, I drop everything!  Which is interesting when picking things up usually involves going down on all fours.  I can still walk around quite well but I just get too tired.  And every hypo I've had seems to be linked to walking to much so I have to peg it back.  Really missing big long walks, looking forward to picking that up again when the boys are on the outside :)

GD: Again, not to bad, though I did have a hypo on Sunday.  Watched several cooking shows on the weekend and now have a hankering for a good Aussie Meat Pie.  Might have to wait on that one :)

Food: Realised I've slacked off on the veggies and fruit.  Made a big salad yesterday, and bought some fruit (oh, but I'm so sad that the summer fruit is ending!), so I think I'm doing better in that regard.  Still enjoying the milk and yoghurt.

Snoring: Earl actually recorded my snoring on his ipad.  It is very bad.  He and my sister had a big discussion about it (turns out I snored on my weekend away, didn't know at the time).  I really am as loud as he said.  Oh well, he's getting alot of fun out of teasing me about it so maybe that makes up for his sleep troubles!

Overall, I still can't complain re symptoms.  And I am just so conscious that sleep and pain and food and GD and mobility are all nothing if my boys are doing well.

So I would appreciate people's prayers for my scan tomorrow.
And yay for 30 weeks :)


  1. Thinking about you and wishing for great scan tomorrow!!!

  2. Sending good thought positive vibes.

  3. Hoping that your scan goes great today!!

    I get so frustrated when I drop something (which is pretty much everything). It is so hard to bend down to pick stuff up with a big baby belly!

    Glad your GD is pretty well controlled at this point. I have also gotten the hang of things at this point and pretty much know what I can and cannot eat. I haven't had a hypo yet. How did you know? did you just do a random test before a meal?

    Can't wait to hear an update from you!!