"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Waiting game

With nearly 48 hours of processing, life is feeling a little less crazy than it was on Friday.

We are now 32 weeks and two days, and so far blood pressure and protein levels are stable.

I'm getting used to being in the same room all the time, and being on what is functionally bed rest. It is a beautiful room, bright, with a lovely view out the window. Earl and I got permission for him to take outside in the wheel chair, which felt like the most amazing date.

I am over hospital food. Mum and dad are in charge of bringing me some interesting dinner. My sister in law has already bought me some new maternity clothes and some bath products.

Boys hearts and movement have been perfect. The big question is dancers growth, which we won't know until Wednesday.

The doc says, there is no planning possible, because pre eclampsia can turn so quickly. I'm telling Earl to stay close, I'm terrified I will need an emergency Caesar before he gets there.

We did a tour of the special care nursery. Such little babies. Made it all seem real. But everyone is so positive given their age, and so I am feeling better and better.

This morning I was woken up by a beautiful sunrise. I thought "one more day, they made it one more day". And I thought about what the Bible says, about God's mercy being new every morning.

And I was happy.


  1. Just keep that beautiful thought in your head, "one more day". Hoping that little dancer scans shows growth. You are doing such a great job in a very tough situation. Hang in there!

    Sending so much love from Oklahoma!

  2. Thinking of you and your boys. Grow babies!

  3. Sending you and the boys lots of good wishes!

  4. my comments keep dropping maybe its my phone must checking in on you and the boys...hope all is well and Wednesday comes and goes with all good news and you still have peace and stillness to do what you need to do.

  5. Just checking o ew Wednesday was a big scan day...sending good thoughts only for you. Hang in there.