"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Random thoughts coz I feel like blogging

While we were away on holidays, my snoring got too bad for Earl and he ended up sleeping in the other room. And even after we got home, that first night (just after we got alarmed by the doctors call),  he went and slept on the couch. I was devastated. I have this weird thing about separate beds, like it's a form of rejection. Anyway, on Saturday, after talking with the nice doctor, and hearing what we had to do for the boys, I realised I was going overboard. That a well rested Earl was good for the journey ahead, and I was being over dramatic. So I said to Earl, you do what you need. But last night we lasted the whole night in the same bed. I think now my cold is gone I'm a little bearable again!

Our time away was so needed. We've been very appreciative and lovey dovey since our return.  It's been a hectic, stressful, hormonal time, and it was nice to be reminded how much we love each others company.

So, I had my second steroid injection today. It's strange, I have read three different triplet blogs, so I've always know about these precautionary measures. I think I had in my head a night in hospital ad an IV drip. A big scary deal.  But it was so simple, just a needle. 3 years of IVF I guess these things don't phase me.

The nurse warned that I might get some high blood sugar readings as a side affect of the steroids. They have been Crazy high! I've put my insulin up for now, but am going to ask the diabetes nurse for advice.

My friend who has been dying for a kick finally felt one.  These babies are so loved, by so many people.

I've been reading lots of forums on 32 week twin births. I know I could find it super tough to be separated form my boys if they go to NICU. Trying to be optimist but prepared "alert but not alarmed" our doctor put it. My dad talked with a friend who used to be a neonatal nurse, and was very relieved to hear the positive prognosis, particularly with the steroids.

I am excited and nervous but strangely not afraid. Oh, and tomorrow is my birthday.

My first birthday with my boys. Amazing!

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