"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" Proverbs 13:12

Thursday, April 25, 2013

33 weeks :)

Yes, you heard it here first! We made it to 33. I am so amazed and thankful. Hospital stay is now 9 days in. Blood pressure is down, boys are still happy.

Dancer is now at 10th percentile. But my doc is satisfied that while he's still growing and having good dopplers and CTGs, that he is better in than out.  Now 34 weeks seems a real possibility. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, I keep imagining we make it even further and keep the boys out of the special care nursery but I think it's important not to get my hopes too high on that unlikely outcome.

Hospital is weird. I love the midwives, they take amazing care of me.  I have been having lots of lovely visits from friends and family. My room has a gorgeous view, and it's nice having regular updates on the boys. That's the good.

The bad? The food got old very quickly. I miss so much. Everyone else is cleaning my house (okay, that good!). And Earl and I only see each other for a few hours a day. That is the worst. Particularly because when I'm a bit freaked out by slow heart rates or a doctor says things and I don't know how to read it, I miss him! I'm used to this being a team thing and hospital is a lonely place.

But I'm so aware how lucky I am.

My room mate was just diagnosed with pe at 28 weeks. I can't even imagine it. I feel so bad. I'm going well, feeling great, my boys are well, and I'm surrounded by friends and family. I feel guilty that not everyone has such a good go with this.

Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm sorry I can't comment on your blogs. I'm so psyched about D baby B and Ready for my turns twins. I'm praying for those of you finding it tough.

33 today, what a miracle!


  1. Congratulations for making it this far! Try to ENJOY your hospital stay as much as you can! Life at home is about to get REALLY busy!!! Hugs!

  2. So happy everyone's DOI g well including you. I k ow the whole feeling of alone in the hospital but it will be nicer in the end for you guys to ha e your time w the guys hang in keep your eye on the prize.