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Friday, April 12, 2013

What a difference a good doctor makes!

Well, the good news is my boys have rock star heart rates. The midwife wanted resting and active and they did us proud.  Weirdest discovery, what I thought was BH kicking was actually Dancer head banging! The humorous side of overlapping twins.

We also got a lovely doctor come and explain things to us, and that has made the world of difference.

Basically, she has warned us that our twins are unlikely to make it to term. She encouraged us to reset the mark in our minds, that if they make 34 weeks that is awesome.  And every week we get is good for the boys. They are monitoring three times a week (heart rate and dopplers) so that if one gets distress or struggles, then there is plenty of time to get them out. She has given me the first dose of steroids, not because she thinks they are coming out tomorrow, but because it can only benefit them to have their lungs ready to go.  Next dose is tomorrow.

If you told me Thursday all this, I would have been devastated. But after all the stress of yesterday, I will take this. Of course I don't want my boys in NICU, but if that is where they will be healthiest, then that is what I will prepare for.

Earl asked about whether we might be told after a scan that they had to come out right away, the doc said unlikely. She said its more likely to be, in three days time we will book your C section.  This also relieves me, it just sounds like we will have notice for anything that might happen.

Strangest reaction. My mum in law. She is excited! Her grand boys could be only three weeks away. She is such an optimist!

I am also optimistic. My boys are such great fighters. I believe they have a few good weeks of health ahead of them, before we need to think through alternatives.

Love LG

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