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Friday, April 12, 2013

More Monitoring :(

Well, we've reached 31 weeks today.  But it's hard to celebrate.  It has happened again. We had our scan on Wednesday and our technician assured us (after we found out the doctors were all away) that it was fine, that she wasn't worried at all, that everything was good.  Earl and I went straight from the hospital off to a two night getaway to the beach.  We had some phone reception issues, but generally we could get messages, so I figured if the hospital needed to contact us they would.

And so tonight, in the middle of bathing some girls we were baby-sitting, a doctor from the hospital called, wondering why we didn't respond to any of her messages.  It seemed she had left three messages on my phone, but for some unknown reason they didn't come through.  She had wanted me to come in to see the doctors this morning, but I had missed the message.  She now wants us to come in tomorrow (Saturday) to some foetal monitoring and to talk to the doctor.  She said the discrepancy between the boys had grown and they needed to monitor more.

I said "the U/S tech said everything looked good".  She didn't have any answers, except to say sometimes it takes a while for the radiologist to write their reports.  She said they would confirm tomorrow, but I will probably need to come to the hospital three times a week to get the boys checked out.

I don't know how to feel.  It's obviously not a good sign.  I wouldn't say it's a bad thing, obviously they are doing this so if something goes wrong they can pick it up and get these boys out as soon as needed.  But there is nothing more overwhelming than being told from a scan that everything is fine to then be told from the same scan that everything is NOT fine.

My poor Dancer.  I keep reminding myself what Toni keeps saying in her comments, that he is a fighter.  And again, this is not because his fluid or heart-rate or Dopplers are bad.  They are all good.  It's because he is so small.

Today could have been such an awesome day.  After beautiful time away, we came home and Mum came round and we set up the change table, and moved the furniture to make way for the cot.  We put more clothes away.  Our house is getting ready, and I was so happy.

Now I'm off to the hospital again.  And I am so afraid for my boys.

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  1. Please know I am thinking of you and have you and the boys in my heart. I hope the doctors are just being very cautious and playing things on safe side. Just remember what you said, Dancer has good heart beat and is moving around, just on small side.